CABINET VISION Cabinets Exploration


Cabinet Exploration report package with QRCode for TEVA3D


TEVA stands for Technical Validation, it is a web-based online 3D project viewer for kitchen & woodwork manufacturers. Living in the digital era, working remotely and going paperless are becoming standards. TEVA is a great solution for reviewing technical projects plans between professionals, production or manufacturing follow-up and on-site installation.

You export your 3D project from Cabinet Vision, upload in on the website, and you can now share your project to anyone that is required to see it.

This package includes a report with QR CODE for cabinet Exploration . By scanning them it will load the 3D project in TEVA3D and explore cabinet by cabinet


  • Minimum requirement is VOK file creation
  • Working with CV2021/2022/2023 Core *Cabinets xRendering
  • Working with CV2021/2022/2023 Core *Closets xRendering
  • Working with CV11 and CV12 using VOK file
  • Standalone and network installs OK