Find all the available features right now

Review wherever you are

3D web application available for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Interactive 3D review

Efficient display modes to see what matters: x-rays, illustration, wireframe, solid. Other useful view modes available:

  • Orthographic / Perspective
  • Plan, section, elevation, etc.
  • Cutting plane
  • Free camera movement

Shared / Collaborative review

Single click project link sharing. Guest and view-only access option available.

Efficient measurements review

Intuitive measurement tools such as tape with snaping points.

Structured review

  • Part selection: 3D view or tree
  • Part selection highlight
  • Search and filterHide/show parts
  • Unique IDs between parts and production lists

QR Codes on your reports and labels

With QR codes on your labels and reports, you can conveniently scan cabinets or parts using your phone or tablet and see them instantly within the project.

Scanning parts will automatically isolate them in the project, providing contextual visibility and making project navigation seamless.

Project status review

Track and share your project status from design to installation.

Review everything: supported software and file formats

and more!