Find all the available features right now

Review wherever you are

3D web application available for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Interactive 3D review

Efficient display modes to see what matters: x-rays, illustration, wireframe, solid. Other useful view modes available:

  • Orthographic / Perspective
  • Plan, section, elevation, etc.
  • Cutting plane
  • Free camera movement

Shared / Collaborative review

Single click project link sharing. Guest and view-only access option available.

Efficient measurements review

Intuitive measurement tools such as tape with snaping points.

Structured review

  • Part selection: 3D view or tree
  • Part selection highlight
  • Search and filterHide/show parts
  • Unique IDs between parts and production lists

One-click scan part review

Efficient part highlight link sharing.

Project status review

Track and share your project status from design to installation.

Review everything: supported software and file formats

and more!